Tammy Rivera Baby Daddy — Charlie Rivera’s Real Father

We all know that Waka Flocka is a proud and doting stepdad of Tammy Rivera’s pre-teen daughter. Waka Flocka has been there to watch Charlie Rivera grow up in front of his very eyes. But Tammy Rivera never discusses on “Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta” who the father of Charlie is. It turns out that Charlie isn’t only lucky enough to have a great stepdad, but she also has a very active father in her life, we just don’t get to see him.

According  to Tammy Rivera’s baby daddy sister (that’s a mouth full), his name is Brian Williams. Charlie’s alleged aunt who’s Instagram name is just_bria claims that Tammy makes Brian looks like a bad dad by not showing him on the show or social media and only showing Waka. The post was accompanied by a few pictures showing Brian and Charlie having a good time.

According to Fameoulous, Tammy Rivera’s sister came in with receipts to dispute the claims that Brian was such an excellent father. The message, that explained how Tammy was in an abusive relationship with Brian from the age of 14 to 22, was attached to screenshots of the child support order and said that Brian only paid around $100 of what he’s supposed to pay. Tammy’s sister also said that Charlie’s father is only a holiday and summer break dad and that Tammy and Waka take care of her even when she goes to stay with Brian. To top it off, she said that the Just Bria chick isn’t even Brian’s sister.

Well, the positive thing is that 11-year-old Charlie is being well taken care of and she has two dads who are in her life, even if one is more responsible than the other.

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Tammy Rivera Daughter – Charlie

Tammy Rivera’s daughter, Charlie, makes an appearance on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, season 6, episode 7, “Grapes of Wrath.” Tammy and Waka recently broke up and Waka’s working hard to get her back.  Waka Flocka and Charlie are seen having fun at Cascade Family Skating in Atlanta.  Charlie’s a great skater but Waka keeps falling.


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 “Nobody in the world can tell me that’s not my daughter”

Waka explains that he’s been in Charlie’s life for the past 6 years and no one can tell him he’s not her father.  Although he’s not her biological father he’s her father figure.  It’s great seeing the family side of Waka.  He needs to consider Charlie’s feelings the next time he thinks about cheating on her mother.

Tammy Rivera Daughter Charlie
Tammy Rivera Daughter Charlie

Waka Flocka misses Tammy Rivera

Waka says that Tammy refuses to spend time with him so he values the time he’s spending with Charlie.  It was weird seeing Tammy reject Waka when he showed up to her house.  I’m used to seeing the couple in a happy relationship.  Charlie tries to convince her mother to give Waka another chance.  Tammy’s considering it.


What did you think about Tammy Rivera’s daughter’s appearance on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta? Do you think Charlie will be able to help Waka win Tammy’s heart back? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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Waka Flocka Flame – Net Worth 2017

Waka Flocka Flame – Net Worth 2017

Waka Flocka Flame is a rapper in the United States who makes a total net worth of a whopping $7 million per year. You may know Waka not only from season three of the hit reality show on VH1, Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta, but you may also know him from the debut album he released titled, Flockaveli.

Although he goes by Waka Flocka Flame, his real name is Juaquin Malphurs and he was born in Queens, NY. Waka came to be famous with his hit single, O Let’s Do It which was released in 2009. This single was number 62 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts.

He also released two more singles called Hard in Da Paint and No Hands which both became very popular among the rap community. 2012 came and he released a second album titled, Triple F Life: Friends, Fans, and Family. The next year, he released a third album titled, Flockaveli 2. This newest album came with a mixtape called, DuFlocka Rant 2 and it featured Gucci Mane, Young Scooter, Lil Wayne, French Montana, Ace Young, and more in 2014.

He started on Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta during season three with fiancé Tammy Rivera. The couple became engaged in 2014. The couple did something non-traditional when it came to wedding rings. Instead of getting traditional rings, they decided to get their ring fingers tattooed. Her tattoo on her ring finger reads Waka and his says Tammy. How cool is that?

What do you think about Waka being worth $7 million per year? What do you think of what he and Tammy did when they got engaged for rings? Sound off with your thoughts on this and let us know what you think!

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