Amber Rose, Tyga – Twitter Beef

Amber Rose’s tweets about Tyga were hilarious but there’s no beef between the two entertainers.  In the video at the end of this article, Amber explains that her Twitter account was hacked.  Amber and Blac Chyna are best friends so everyone thought the tweets were real.  The screenshot below shows the mean tweet Amber sent about Tyga.


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Tyga recently signed to GOOD Music, another reason the tweets seemed real.  Amber’s beef with the Kardashians was unforgettable.  The beef led Kanye West to clap back by revealing how many showers he took after he was with Amber Rose.  Although they have squashed the beef, Amber never has anything positive to say about Kanye.

Amber Rose Tyga Twitter Beef
Amber Rose Tyga Twitter Beef

As you know, Kanye is the founder of GOOD Music.  I’m hoping he’ll be able to help Tyga improve his music career so he won’t need Kylie Jenner to pay his bills.  

Tyga also has the option to focus on his career as an actor.  Bow Wow stopped making music when he realized no one was listening.  Since then, he’s enjoyed a successful acting career.  He even helped bring Growing Up Hip Hop to Atlanta.

What do you think about Amber Rose’s tweets about Tyga? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Jordan Ozuna Snapchat Name

Scroll to the Snapcode for Jordan Ozuna’s Snapchat name!

Jordan Ozuna is the Kylie Jenner look-a-like that Tyga is now dating.  Tyga and Kylie broke up again and Tyga didn’t waste time finding a new bae.  Tyga and Kylie have been through ups and downs throughout their relationship.  The first problem was their age difference: Tyga is 27-years-old and Kylie is only 19.


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“Omg y’all! I’m not dating Tyga!”

Jordan revealed that she’s not in a relationship with Tyga via Twitter.  Tyga better hurry up and get back with Kylie before she realizes that no one else wants him.  Kylie has invested her time and money and there’s no doubt that she loves him.  Tyga should put a ring on it as soon as possible!

Jordan Ozuna’s Snapchat name is Jiordyn:

Jordan Ozuna Snapchat Name
Jordan Ozuna Snapchat Name

Check out Jordan’s tweet:


Kylie Jenner spotted holding hands with Travis Scott at Coachella

On Friday, April 21, 2017, Kylie Jenner was seen at Coachella, holding hands with rapper, Travis Scott.  Kylie most likely heard about Tyga and Jordan’s relationship, leading her to take her friendship with Travis to the next level.  Jenner will soon realize that the grass isn’t greener on the other side.  I think she’ll be back with Tyga in less than a month.
What do you think about Jordan Ozuna and Tyga’s relationship? Are they dating? Will Tyga get back with Kylie? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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Jordan Ozuna Net Worth 2017

Image credit: Youtube
Jordan Ozuna Net Worth 2017

Since Tyga and Kylie have been on another break, he was seen out with Jordan Ozuna. Jordan Ozuna used to date Justin Bieber. Her estimated net worth is $50,000. Here are some quick facts about the Kylie Jenner look-a-like, Jordan Ozuna.

Ozuna is her married name

Although she and Daniel Ozuna are separated and apparently going through a divorce, she was married when she was dating Justin Bieber and apparently still is. When she was dating Bieber and her soon-to-be-ex mother-n-law was told this, she said she wasn’t surprised at all. She said Jordan and her son were way too young when they got married. Her maiden name is Galipo.

She used to be a Hooter’s waitress

Although she was getting into the modeling business, Jordan Ozuna at one time worked as a Hooter’s waitress and also did a couple of walk-on commercials.

She says she grew up in Guam and Hawaii

In one Facebook post. she stated that she grew up in Guam and Hawaii but another one said she was a Navy brat.

What do you think of these fast facts about Jordan Ozuna? Do you think Tyga is over Kylie by being with someone who looks just like her? Sound off with your thoughts on this and let us know what you think!

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Tyga New Mystery Girl 2017 – Cheating?

Image credit: Youtube
Tyga New Mystery Girl 2017 – Cheating?

Although Tyga and Kylie
are supposedly on another break for the millionth time, do you think they have
broken up for good this time? According to reports, Tyga was caught with a
Kylie Jenner look-a-like. You can see the look on his face in the pictures.
He has that deer-caught-in-the-headlights scared look! Too funny!

Everyone on Twitter is
having a blast with the tweets they are posting about the Kylie Jenner
look-a-like. Her name is Jordan Ozuna, who happens to be Justin Bieber’s
ex-girlfriend. And, did we mention she looks almost identical to Kylie Jenner?
Wow! Does this mean he is over his ex or what? Wow, just wow! Maybe it means he
is still in love with Kylie since he was seen with her twin. What do you think?

Fans of Tyga and Kylie
are sure getting a kick out of him getting caught on camera with the Kylie
look-a-like. Some fans tweeted asking him who was going to pay his bills since
he and Kylie are “on a break?”

What do you think about
this? Do you think Tyga is over Kylie or do you think he is still in love with
her? Sound off with your thoughts on this and let us know what you think!

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Jordan Ozuna Instagram — Tyga New Girlfriend

Tyga allegedly has a new boo and her name is Jordan Ozuna. Tyga was recently caught (look at the “uh-oh” expression on his face) leaving celebrity hotspot Sarafina’s after grabbing dinner with the model. There’s a lot to know about Ms. Ozuna but here are a few photos of her first.

A lot of people are comparing her to Kylie but she doesn’t really look like Kylie. Anyways, Tyga has found someone more his age. Jordan Ozuna is a 26-year-old model who has already been married and divorced to someone in the coast guard. Yes, she has lived quite a life already. She used to date Justin Bieber in 2014 when she was a Hooters waitress in Vegas. She was the chick who was caught hanging with him when they got banned for leaving a skydiving simulation place a mess. She has also worked as a bottle girl at a hotel and casino in Vegas before moving to LA.

Get this, Jordan Ozuna looks up to Kim Kardashian and she has modeled in one of Kanye West’s fashion shows in 2016. She also has lip injections just like Kylie. Ozuna was born in Maryland but grew up in Hawaii and Guam. You would probably right at guessing that she’s dating Tyga for the fame but it looks like she should kiss a Kardashian connection goodbye if they’re really more tha friends. Her Instagram is @jiordyn and her Tumblr is 

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Why Was Tyga Arrested?

Should we really even call this an arrest? Tyga was out and about last night doing whatever a Tyga does (except paying King’s babysitter Jenny I know you saw that #PayJenny hashtag trending about a week ago) and he was stopped by police. The story is Tyga bought a Mercedes G Wagon and decided to take it out for a night on the town. When the rapper was leaving Avenue Nightclub he was stopped because he ran a stop sign in addition to having no plates on the new car.

Since he ran the stop sign and he was leaving a night club, officers thought Tyga may have been under the influence, although when asked by paparazzi what he was being arrested for Kylie’s ex responded “Because I have paper plates, I just bought it.” LAPD took him down to the station where he was released after 90 minutes and merely ticketed for no drivers license or insurance and found to be not under the influence. Who needs a drivers license when you’re Kylie’s boyfriend, I mean Tyga.

He has to drop his Jenner hook-ups now because the couple has reportedly split up for like the sixth time in two years. And people give Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian a hard time for making up and breaking up, at least they actually had plans to get married and a whole baby to try to stay together for. It may be just a rumor  to promote her new show or “docu-series” coming to E! called “Life of Kylie,” but who knows.

What do you think Tyga should do to revive his once existent music career and separate himself from Kylie’s limelight?

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Did Kylie Jenner and Tyga Breakup 2017?

Did Kylie Jenner and Tyga breakup, yet again? Is it for real this time or one of their many fights
they are having? Apparently, Tyga just bought a new bachelor pad in Hollywood
Hills and everyone has been spotted coming in and out of the house every night
except for one person. That one person is, wait for it….Kylie Jenner! That’s
right! Tyga has been partying it up without her every night since he moved in!

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According to multiple media outlets, Blac Chyna went to Snapchat to not only accuse Tyga of cheating on Kylie
but to also yell at him for not paying his child support for their son. Is this
why they supposedly broke up? Did Kylie see Blac Chyna’s post accusing Tyga of
cheating on her and break up with him for good this time? 

Did Kylie Jenner And Tyga Breakup 2017?
Did Kylie Jenner And Tyga Breakup 2017?

Not only has Tyga been
partying it up without Kylie but he hasn’t been on any of her social media
accounts lately either. One person has been liking her posts on Instagram
though! Meek Mill! Is Meek Kylie’s new boyfriend? 

What do you think? Do
you think it is true that the couple have broken up for good this time? It is
hard to believe since the couple have been on-again and off-again since 2015.
Sound off with your thoughts on this and let us know what you think!


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