Drake Shirtless – 2017

Drake’s 2017 shirtless pic proves he’s been working out.  Kendrick Lamar may have dethroned the Toronto emcee as the best rapper alive but Drake has Kendrick beat in the fitness department.  Drake used social media to show fans that he has been working out.  Champagne Papi is in the Dominican Republic enjoying #MoreLife.


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🌺🌴 Peace Seeking

In the caption of the shirtless pic, Drizzy wrote “Peace Seeking.” Time off is exactly what the rapper needs.  He has been dominating the industry, from record breaking tours to unforgettable albums.  This past month has been eventful for Drake.  First, there was the Coachella incident where he was racially profiled.  Then, the rapper found out that his ex-girlfriend, Serena Williams is expecting a baby.

Drake Shirtless 2017
Drake Shirtless 2017

Drake is staying at a $7.85 million property

Drake is staying at the most exclusive resort in the Caribbean: Casa de Campo.  The resort features three championship golf courses.  It was developed in 1975 and is located in La Romana.  This isn’t the first time the rapper has visited the resort.  Drake and French Montana are seen at Casa de Campo in the “No Shopping” video:

Ironically, Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez were also recently spotted at the resort. 

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What do you think about Drake’s 2017 shirtless pic?


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Mia Angel Burks Instagram – Carmelo Anthony Mistress

Mia Angel Burks’ Instagram name is miaangel_ but her account is private.  Carmelo Anthony’s mistress has ruined his marriage.  La La and Melo’s prenup will guide the division of their $200 million fortune.  La La has been seen without her wedding ring.  I don’t think there’s any chance that La La will stay with the NBA star.


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Mia has moved to North Carolina

Mia moved to North Carolina.  That was a great decision considering the public’s reaction to Melo and La La’s split.  Everyone loves La La and they have a son together.  Mia has become the most popular mistress in the world, overnight.  Melo and Mia’s love child will experience ridicule and North Carolina is a great place for Mia to lay low.

Mia Angel Burks Instagram Carmelo Anthony Mistress
Mia Angel Burks Instagram Carmelo Anthony Mistress

Mia is 6 months pregnant

Mia is about 6 months pregnant.  She could give birth on the same day as Beyonce.  Melo and La La’s son, Kiyan, celebrated his 10th birthday on March 7, 2017.  As you know, Beyonce’s husband, Jay-Z, allegedly cheated on her.  The rapper’s infidelity was the inspiration for Beyonce’s album, Lemonade.  We’re praying for the Anthonys!


What do you think Carmelo Anthony’s mistress, Mia Angel Burks? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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22 Brown Girls You Should Follow On Instagram – BuzzFeed

If you follow BuzzFeed on Snapchat then you most likely saw their “22 Brown Girls You Should Follow On Instagram” post.  This article presents our 22 favorite brown girls on Instagram.  Facebook has made it clear that Instagram is here to stay.  The image sharing app is starting to look more and more like Snapchat everyday.


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Instagram is still EmpireBBK’s favorite social media app.  Facebook is now in charge but they haven’t ruined it with too many ads.  Instagram Stories made the app just as innovative as Snapchat.

22 Brown Girls You Should Follow On Instagram BuzzFeed
22 Brown Girls You Should Follow On Instagram BuzzFeed

Without further ado, here’s 22 brown girls you should follow on Instagram:

  1. Taraji P. Henson – tarajiphenson
  2. Beyonce – beyonce
  3. Jennifer Hudson – iamjhud
  4. Alicia Keys – aliciakeys
  5. Raven Symone – ravensymone
  6. Kelly Rowland – kellyrowland
  7. Dej Loaf – dejloaf
  8. Amanda Seales – amandaseales
  9. Jordin Sparks – jordinsparks
  10. Blac Chyna – blacchyna
  11. Cardi B – iamcardib
  12. Zonnique Pullins – zonniquejailee
  13. Yara Shahidi – yarashahidi
  14. Serayah McNeill – serayah
  15. Kerry Washington – kerrywashington
  16. Sierra McClain – mynameissisi
  17. Gabrielle Union – gabunion
  18. Ciara – ciara
  19. Zendaya – zendaya
  20. Rihanna – badgalriri
  21. Nicki Minaj – nickiminaj
  22. Issa Rae – issarae

Who did we miss? Let us know in the comment section below.

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Traci Braxton’s Son, Lolo Calls Out Tamar on Instagram





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Traci Braxton’s Son, Lolo Calls Out Tamar on Instagram
Today is Traci Braxton’s
birthday, Tamar and Toni Braxton’s sister. Although it is her day today, Tamar
posted a rude comment on Instagram saying: “When it’s REALLY your day tho.”
Traci’s son, Lolo saw
the post and commented on it calling her out saying: 
“Low key petty AF
auntie, SMH.”
Why would Tamar post
this? She should have told her sister happy birthday instead of saying it was
really HER day! How rude is that? 
You can read the
Instagram post here. Check out all of the comments on it. Apparently, Tamar
even blocked some people because they were coming at her letting her have it!
Although Tamar posted
that, she sort of apologized for it by saying she didn’t mean anything by it. She
said she just wanted to say it so she did. She also stated that Arkansas recognized
her on this day so why shouldn’t she be grateful? She said she loves her sister
and wants to wish her a happy birthday! 
At least she tried to
apologize for the rude Instagram post. What do you think about this? Do you
think Tamar was rude or do you believe she didn’t mean anything by it? Maybe
she should watch what she says on social media because even if she didn’t mean
it, it did come off as rude. 
Sound off with your
thoughts on this and let us know what you think!

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Snapchat Instagram Filter – April Fool’s Day

Snapchat’s Instagram filter is hilarious.  The image sharing app took a shot at Instagram by adding a hilarious filter for April Fool’s Day.  The filter makes your Snap look like an Instagram post.  The caption of the filter reads “my_mom and 2 others” implying that only old people still use Instagram.  Facebook recently copied Snapchat’s stories with its Direct feature and it looks like Snapchat has officially responded.


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Snapchat Stories are now searchable

You can now search Snapchat Stories.  Facebook won’t stop copying the app’s features, forcing Snapchat to evolve.  Right now, Snapchat’s search tool can only be used to find accounts.  The new search tool allows users to search for Stories to watch.  How long do you think it will take Facebook to copy this feature? 

Snapchat Instagram Filter April Fool's Day
Snapchat Instagram Filter April Fool’s Day

Here’s additional information about Snapchat’s new search tool:

WWE debuts Snapchat show

Snapchat recently teamed up with the WWE for a Snapchat Discover show.  The show launched Friday and will last until Sunday, April 2, 2017.  Snapchat is making all the right moves to keep users on the app.  Despite Snapchat’s efforts, the company won’t be able to compete with Facebook in the long-run.  Facebook is too powerful for Snapchat. 


What do you think about Snapchat’s Instagram filter? Which social media network do you spend more time on? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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Jasmine Washington Kirk Frost Instagram – Jasminebleu

Jasmine Washington Kirk Frost Instagram Jasminebleu
Jasmine Washington Kirk Frost Instagram Jasminebleu
Although Jasmine Washington just revealed her Instagram account, she has just made things a lot more interesting for the show and for Kirk Frost. This is because she is Kirk’s mistress and she just posted a photo on Instagram of the baby she says belongs to Kirk. Wow! Talk about interesting, right?

Jasmine Washington just revealed her Instagram account and is under the name @jasminebleu Kirk Frost goes by the name @frost117 on Instagram. As was reported previously, VH1 kept their personal and social media information personal ahead of the newest season of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. However, now it is revealed!

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What is really crazy, is that around Halloween time, Kirk cut Jasmine off from getting any more money from him. This was done by Kirk right after Jasmine gave birth to his alleged baby!! What do you think about that?

Although he may have cut her off financially, she is now suing him for a paternity test to PROVE that he is the daddy! Not only this but, she is also suing him for child support. Jasmine wants her share and is asking for $2,500 per month out of the $10,000 per month Kirk makes.

We are also finding out now, that Jasmine isn’t being all the way truthful about the age of her baby or even her age for that matter. In fact, Jasmine is trying to say the baby is only two-months-old when she posted a photo on Instagram of a baby that looks to be about 5 months old. Not only this, but the photo of her baby she posted on Instagram was posted in January. However, she stated on the show that she had the baby around Halloween. AND wait, there is more to this story that you won’t believe! If you read the comments next to the photo she posted on Instagram of her and allegedly Kirk’s baby, they lead us to believe that she actually had the baby 30 WEEKS AGO! If this is the case, her baby is older than what she originally said. And, she also said she was younger when in fact, she posted that she is actually 27-years-old! Jasmine, why the lies?

Kannon Washington
Kannon Washington
What do you think of all of this? Sound off with your opinion on all of this and let everyone know what you think! I just don’t understand why she has to lie about her age and her baby’s age! Do you think this is Kirk’s baby?

Don’t miss the next episode of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta!


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