Is Julion Alvarez Dead?

Julion Alvarez is not dead.  Many were surprised to see the singer trending and jumped to the conclusion that he had passed away.  Alvarez was in the news because of his connections to drug trafficker Raul Flores Hernandez.  Julio knew Raul as a club owner, not a drug trafficker.  That’s not what the U.S. Treasury Department thinks.


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The U.S. Treasury Department claims that Julion did business with Hernandez.  They sanctioned the alleged drug dealer under the Kingpin Act.  The Act’s purpose is to deny foreign drug traffickers access to the nation’s financial system.  The U.S. Treasury argues that Flores Hernandez used numerous bars, a casino and a soccer club to operate his organization.

Is Julion Alvarez Dead?
Is Julion Alvarez Dead?
The tweet below shows that Facebook users panicked when they heard that Alvarez was dead.  The Internet has a fake news issue that continues to be ignored.  Many believe that Hillary Clinton would be the president if it wasn’t for the Internet.


Law enforcement believes that Flores Hernandez has been selling drugs since the 1980s.  The United States doesn’t want to see another El Chapo so they’re doing everything they can to reduce drug trafficking.

Are you a fan of Julion Alvarez? Did you panic when you heard the rumors that he was dead? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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