Is Adam Sandler Dead?

Actor, Adam Sandler, is not dead.  Fake news continues to take over the Internet.  The Adam Sandler death hoax went viral last year and the story is now being re-shared on social media.  I would love to hear Sandler respond to the ridiculous news.  He turns 51 this year and we’re starting to see less of him.  When you’re worth more than $340 million, it’s difficult to work hard.


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Adam’s acting career started in the early 1980s.  He made his acting debut on The Cosby Show as one of Theo’s friends.  Sandler worked hard throughout the 80s, earning himself a spot on Saturday Night Live.  As you know, there’s something special about that show.  When you’re on SNL you’re destined for success.

Is Adam Sandler Dead?
Is Adam Sandler Dead?

If you haven’t seen Sandler’s Netflix movie, Sandy Wexler, you’re missing out.  The film is about a talent agent named Sandy Wexler (Adam Sandler) who works in L.A.  Jennifer Hudson plays Courtney Clarke, one of Sandy’s clients.  The movie is loosely based on Adam’s actual talent manager, Sandy Wernick.  

You gotta love Netflix for releasing specials with some of the greatest comedians of all-time.  Dave Chappelle’s Netflix specials were epic!

What do you think about the Adam Sandler death hoax? What can be done about fake news? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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