Daylon G. Pierce – “Jung” 16 Years In Prison

Daylon G. Pierce aka Daylon Jung is the online dating scam artist who will spend the next 16 years in jail.  A group of his girlfriends reached out to the police and FBI to stop the Arizona criminal.  Pierce created profiles on numerous online dating sites to lure women in.  He had fancy cars and told the women that he was a stockbroker.


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Like most criminals, Daylon got greedy.  It’s difficult enough to maintain one relationship, Pierce had more than 15 girlfriends.  He pretended to run a financial services company and would help his girlfriends invest their money.  People on online dating sites are vulnerable and sometimes desperate. Pierce took advantage of this and he deserves the jail sentence he received.

Daylon G. Pierce Jung
Daylon G. Pierce Jung
If Pierce wouldn’t have lied about being a licensed stockbroker he most likely could have avoided jail time.  I’m not sure what’s worse, playing with someone’s heart or playing with their money.  The women gave Daylon more than $1 million.  He told them he would invest it but instead he spent the money on himself.

The women Pierce scammed will have trust issues.  He led some of his girlfriends to bankruptcy.

What do you think about Daylon G. Pierce aka Daylon Jung’s prison sentence? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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