Is Rich Piana Dead?

Rich Piana is not dead but he is in a coma.  The bodybuilder suffered an overdose on Monday and he’s currently fighting for his life.  When emergency personnel arrived at his house, the 45-year-old was unresponsive.  Piana rose to fame using his YouTube channel and he has over 1 million Instagram followers.


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Rich was born on September 26, 1971 in California.  He has won numerous bodybuilding championships and inspired many.  Piana started training when he was 11 and his hard work has paid off.  If Piana can’t inspire you to workout no one can.  The following pic shows how strong the massive bodybuilder is:

Is Rich Piana Dead?
Is Rich Piana Dead?
In 2016, Piana admitted to taking steroids.  I’m not sure why he thought he need to take steroids considering his amazing body.  This story is proof that we are our worst critics.  You have to stop being so hard on yourself.  There are people that would love to have Rich’s body yet he wasn’t happy with it.  

Too much of anything can be deadly.  Rich worked out entirely too much.  His diet was also unhealthy because he was consuming too much protein.

Are you a fan of Rich Piana? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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