Kevin Hart – Beat Up?

Kevin Hart did not get beat up.  A fan claims that he was beat up by Kevin’s security team.  The comedian usually stay out of trouble but he’s been getting negative press over the last few months.  We recently reported that Kevin was seen in a car with a woman that wasn’t his wife.  Many believe that he cheated on his wife with the woman he was in the car with.


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Jay Collins is the fan who claims that he was beat up by Kevin’s security team.  He filed a lawsuit alleging that Hart’s bodyguard also called him insulting names.  The incident occurred in Philadelphia, Kevin’s hometown.  Collins was backstage at Lincoln Financial Field.  He wants $50,000 because Kevin’s bodyguard pushed him and threatened to use a Taser on him.

Kevin Hart Beat Up?
Kevin Hart Beat Up?

Hart recently launched his Laugh Out Loud network which he describes as Tidal for comedy.  All press isn’t good press in my opinion so Kevin will most likely try to settle with Jay outside of court.  When you’re worth more than $120 million you can afford to pay people off.  

Kevin has a new baby on the way and we can’t wait until his wife gives birth.  The comedian loves sharing his personal life with the world so he should have some new material very soon!

What do you think about the fan who claims that Kevin Hart’s security team beat him up? Do you think he’s telling the truth? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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