Ty Dolla Sign Sister – Angel Gold

Ty Dolla Sign’s sister, Angel Gold was seen on Love and Hip Hollywood‘s third episode of season 4, “New Bae.” Angel meets with Floyd “A1” Bentley hoping to work with the talented producer.  Last season, Floyd married Lyrica Anderson.  She’s an incredible singer who wants all Floyd’s attention so she can release her new album.


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Angel shows up at Floyd’s studio and Lyrica gets upset.  Floyd has been focused on his own career and he currently has multiple hit songs.  Lyrica isn’t receiving the amount of attention needed to take her career to the next level.  At the studio, Floyd makes Lyrica tell Angel why he can’t work with her. Lyrica tells Angel and then throws water on Floyd because he looked “thirsty.”

Ty Dolla Sign Angel Gold
Ty Dolla Sign Angel Gold

I think Floyd is right.  Lyrica should let him work with other females as long as it’s strictly business.  Anderson is talented and shouldn’t feel threaten by another female artist.  They can work together and bring the best out of each other.


I’m on Floyd’s side but he handled the situation wrong.  He should have been a man and told Angel Gold why he was unable to work with her.  Instead, Floyd put his wife on the spot.  That was an unprofessional move.

What do you think about Ty Dolla Sign’s sister, Angel Gold? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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