Solo Lucci Net Worth

Solo Lucci’s net worth is $2 million.  The rapper made an appearance on Love and Hip Hop Hollywood‘s third episode of season 4, “New Bae.” Solo is dating Fetty Wap’s former bae Alexis Sky.  Princess Love and Ray are also seen on the episode.  Princess tells Alexis that she might be pregnant despite Ray J’s count being low.


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Alexis tells Princess that she could be pregnant too.  The two ladies are in totally different positions.  Princess is married to Ray J and they’ve been trying to have a baby.  Alexis has only been dating Solo for a month.  I still hate the fact that Fetty Wap cheated on Alexis Sky! I like her so much more than Masika.

Solo Lucci Net Worth
Solo Lucci Net Worth
Not everyone was feeling Solo Lucci’s appearance on #LHHH.  The following tweet explains that he looks like a human crack pipe.


Jay-Z fans most likely remember Solo Lucci from the 4:44 visuals.  Fetty Wap and Alexis Sky both downgraded after their relationship.  They should take a close look at what’s going on and get back together.  Fetty’s music was so much better when he was dating Alexis.  He needs to do anything he can to get her back!

What do you think about Solo Lucci’s net worth? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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