Safaree Coconut Oil

Safaree’s Coconut Oil is currently sold out according to his Shopify page. The rapper and producer’s fame is on the rise thanks to Love and Hip Hop Hollywood.  Safaree was once seen as Nicki Minaj’s ex-boyfriend but he’s building a reputation of his own.  On episode 3 of season 4, “New Bae” we see Safaree in the studio with Chanel West Coast and Ray J.


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Safaree has his hands full with Chanel West Coast.  She was acting out when Brooke Valentine approached Jade.  Chanel didn’t make any sense but for some reason, Safaree got excited.  Many believe that Safaree is responsible for Nicki Minaj’s success.  Some say that he would write most of her lyrics.

Safaree Coconut Oil
Safaree Coconut Oil
The following tweet explains that Safaree always has the best reactions.


I usually have trouble understanding Safaree when he speaks but I always understand his facial expressions.  Him and Nicki had to have fun when they were together because they’re both so entertaining.  Now that Nicki’s single, Safaree needs to try to get her back.  They both made mistakes while they were together and I think Nicki is ready to give him a second chance.

What do you think about Safaree’s Coconut Oil? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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