Jackie Christie – Grandchildren

Basketball Wives ended with a bang and I can’t wait to see the reunion.  Scroll down for information about Jackie Christie’s grandchildren.  In the finale, Jackie and Shaunie exchanged words.  Tami Roman explained that Jackie’s decision to beef with Shaunie wasn’t a smart business move.  It’s difficult to determine if Jackie and Shaunie’s beef is staged.

Jackie Christie has four grandchildren.   Her grandson, Jaxson and her granddaughter, Saniyah are both making headlines.  Jaxson is the son of Jackie’s daughter, Takari Lee.  Takari also has two more sons.  Chantel Christie is the mother of Jackie’s granddaughter, Saniyah.  In season 6 of Basketball Wives we see Jackie rush to the hospital to see Chantel give birth to her granddaughter.


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Evelyn Lozada’s return has made Jackie the star of the show.  While Evelyn and Tami Roman are fan favorites, Jackie has been receiving all the attention this season.

Jackie Christie Grandchildren
Jackie Christie Grandchildren

Takari Lee

Takari Lee is Jackie’s oldest daughter from a previous relationship.  The picture below shows Takari’s three sons/Jackie’s three grandsons.  Years ago, Doug and Jackie evicted Takari from one of their rental properties.  Since then, Takari has had a horrible relationship with her mom.  The Go Fund Me account Takari chose to create after Jaxson’s accident shows that she has a terrible relationship with Jackie.
Jackie Christie Grandchildren
Jackie Christie Grandchildren

Chantel Christie

Season 6 of Basketball Wives featured the birth of Chantel Christie’s daughter, Saniyah.  Jackie is a proud grandmother and her and Chantel have a great relationship.  Watching Chantel and Jackie’s relationship has to be difficult for Takari.  We’re glad Takari doesn’t hesitate to call her mother out on social media.

Chantel Christie Daughter
Chantel Christie Daughter

What do you think about Jackie Christie’s grandchildren? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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