Raina From Power – Donshea Hopkins

Donshea Hopkins plays Raina from Power.  She’s all grown up in the fourth season of the series.  Donshea was born on March 2, 2002 and is currently 15-years-old.  She landed her first role in 2009 on Law & Order: Special Victims.  On Power, her character Raina, is the daughter of Tasha and James St. Patrick.


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Raina’s parents are criminals but it’s her brother, Tariq, that she’s having problems with.  In episode 7 of Power‘s fourth season, “You Lied To My Face” Raina hears her parents discussing their criminal past.  Tasha and James are trying to figure out what to do about 50 Cent’s character, Kanan.

Raina From Power Donshea Hopkins
Raina From Power Donshea Hopkins

Raina hears her mother discuss how she wanted Kanan dead.  Later, Tasha tried to lie about the conversation and Raina gets upset.  Tasha tells Raina to help her keep an eye on Tariq.  That’s difficult because Tariq is addicted to lean.  Raina tried to have a conversation with Tariq and he ends up pushing her.


Raina does not approve of her parent’s lifestyle and wants to go to a boarding school.  The last thing on Tariq’s mind is school so I’m guessing Raina will either end up running away or convincing her parents to send her to boarding school.

What do you think about Raina from Power aka Donshea Hopkins? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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