Faryal Makhdoom Snapchat Name

Scroll to the Snapcode for Faryal Makhdoom’s Snapchat name!

Amir Khan’s wife, Faryal Makhdoom, called her in-laws out on Snapchat.  Scroll towards the bottom of this post to see what she said about them.  Faryal is a humans right activist who clearly doesn’t appreciate being disrespected.  On Snapchat, she advised parents not to let their sons get married if they plan on abusing his wife.


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Amir Khan and Makhdoom became engaged in 2012.  The couple got married in 2013.  Faryal is a fashion and beauty expert.  Makhdoom is a Pakistani-American from New York.  Khan is a talented boxer who was born in Bolton, Great Manchester.  Make sure you’re following Faryal’s social media accounts!

Faryal Makhdoom’s Snapchat name is FaryalxMakhdoom:

Faryal Makhdoom Snapchat Name
Faryal Makhdoom Snapchat Name

Makhdoom also calls out Khan’s sister.  She states that Amir has done more than any brother has done.  

Amir Khan Wife Snapchat
Amir Khan Wife Snapchat

Check out Twitter’s reaction to Faryal’s rant.

The following tweet explains that Khan’s wife isn’t the only person experiencing issues with their in-laws.

Amir recently congratulated his wife after she made her catwalk debut for Asiana:

The following tweet suggests that the Snapchat pictures were a publicity stunt.  We disagree.  If it was a publicity stunt she would have used a more public social media network like Instagram or Twitter.  Do you think the pictures were a publicity stunt?


Do you think Makhdoom was wrong for calling Amir’s family out on social media? Let us know in the comment section below!

Amir Khan recently posted a video on Snapchat explaining his split with Faryal Makhdoom.  Amir claims that Faryal cheated on him with heavyweight boxer Anthony Joshua.  I’m hoping the rumors are false but Khan seems to have some reliable evidence.  The video below provides more details about the situation:

Faryal is a fashion and beauty expert.  She shares useful tips in the video below:


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