Deion Shilo Sanders – Custody Battle, Pilar

Shilo Sanders called his father, Deion, out for stopping VICIS from sending him a helmet.  Shilo explains that his father is receiving money from the NFL concussion lawsuit yet he doesn’t want his son to be protected.  There’s nothing worst than children getting in the middle of their parent’s problems.


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The former couple divorced in 2012.  In 2014, Pilar spent 7 days in jail for violating their custody agreement.  In 2015, Deion won over $1 million in a defamation case against Pilar.  Shilo is 17-years-old and he’s a very talented football player.  Like his father, Shilo is an extremely fast cornerback.  Unlike Deion, Shilo also plays quarterback.  He could be the next Mike Vick!

Deion Shilo Sanders Custody Battle Pilar
Deion Shilo Sanders Custody Battle Pilar
Pilar now has full custody of Shilo and she’s clearly getting in his head.  Deion and Pilar hate each other and now Shilo hates his dad.  Children don’t ask to be born.  Parents have a responsibility to create a safe, loving environment for their kids.  Shilo will most likely experience difficulties in his future relationships because his parents have been horrible role models and all he knows is chaos.

What do you think about the custody battle between Deion and Pilar? What do you think about Shilo’s comments? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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