Crystal Lundberg – San Diego

Crystal Lundberg is the escort who Scott Kennedy spent over $5.8 million on.  He used his company credit card to buy Crystal the lavish life.  The former couple is now in court blaming each other for the fraudulent charges.  I think they should both go to jail for stealing that much money.  Kennedy paid over $20,000 to move Crystal’s plants to San Diego from Illinois.


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You would think the former couple would have tried to move overseas to make a run for it.  How long did they think it would take for the company Scott worked for, Nemera, to realize that millions were being spent fraudulently?  Not just one million, nearly $6 million!?

Crystal Lundberg San Diego
Crystal Lundberg San Diego
Nemera is one of the most successful drug delivery device companies in the world.  Scott was a financial official at the company.  He met Crystal on Backpage.  Although Backpage’s adult section is down, escorts continue to use the website to find idiots like Scott Kennedy.  Crystal’s lawyers argue that she doesn’t have a college degree so she couldn’t have devised a plan to steal millions from Scott’s company.  
Kennedy’s lawyers argue that Crystal took advantage of Scott’s trust.  Don’t let money ruin your life.
What do you think about Scott Kennedy spending over $5.8 million on Crystal Lundberg? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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