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Gilbert Arenas is back in the news.  The former NBA star called Lupita Wyong’o ugly after fans showed her love and complimented her beautiful skin.  Lupine posted the following Instagram pic and Gilbert’s thirsty tail had to leave a comment: “Everybody saying her (skin) looks beautiful – how about her face tho?? lights off.” Arenas is clearly having a midlife crisis.  His basketball career is over and he now has nothing better to do.  Can we ban him from social media?

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Gilbert Arenas has four children, two daughters and two sons.  The mother of all four of his kids is his former wife, Laura Govan.  The former NBA star is making headlines thanks to his comments about dark skinned women.  Scroll down to see Gilbert’s rude remarks.  He posted the comments in response to a message by Pan Africanist, Rashidi Kweli.


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Rashidi Kweli posted a positive message to African women

Rashidi Kweli is constantly sharing positive messages.  His Instagram account is now private so hopefully he’ll follow you back.  He recently shared a message to African women explaining that “Your African features are all you need for attractiveness.”  He advised African women not to let anyone tell them they need to be mixed to be attractive.

Gilbert Arenas Kids Wife Mother
Gilbert Arenas Kids Wife Mother

Gilbert Arenas shares his views on dark skinned black women

If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.  Gilbert should have followed that advice.  Instead, the former NBA played decided to voice his ignorant opinion about dark skinned black women.  Arenas asks, “How black are we talking?” He says he’s not trying to be funny but out of the top 50 most beautiful women of all-time, the darkest include Keisha Knight Pulliman, Gabrielle Union and Serena Williams.

Gilbert Arenas Kids Wife Mother
Gilbert Arenas Kids Wife Mother

The following pic shows Gilbert’s kids:

  1. Aloni Arenas
  2. Izela Arenas
  3. Alijah Arenas
  4. Hamiley Arenas

Gilbert Arenas Kids Wife Mother
Gilbert Arenas Kids Wife Mother

Here’s a pic of Laura Govan with the couple’s children:

Gilbert Arenas Kids Wife Mother
Gilbert Arenas Kids Wife Mother

What do you think about Gilbert Arenas’ comments about dark skinned black women? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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