Danielle, Black Ink Crew Chicago

In episode 1 of Black Ink Crew Chicago‘s third season, “The New Barack and Michelle Obama” Danielle reveals that she suffered a miscarriage.  If that’s not bad enough, Ryan also fired her.  The tweet below explains that Danielle got fired for having her man’s back.  Ryan’s wifey, Rachel Leigh told him he needs to stop taking disrespect and Ryan took it to heart.


Black Ink Crew Chicago episode 6, season 2, “Congratulations, You Played Yourself” showed Danielle and Terrence get into multiple heated arguments.  The couple has been together for over seven years and are finally moving in together.  Terrence is stressed out and doesn’t think Danielle is helping out.


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While Terrence is moving boxes, Danielle decides to take a break and have a drink.  Terrence calls her out for her lack of effort and Danielle claps right back.  The couple should probably reconsider moving in with each other.  They argue more than they get along and Danielle has a very short temper.

Danielle Black Ink Crew Chicago
Danielle Black Ink Crew Chicago

Terrence gives Danielle a C for her effort and her reaction is priceless:

Danielle Black Ink Crew Chicago
Danielle Black Ink Crew Chicago

On the show’s first season, Danielle and Ryan made out leading many to believe that they would start dating.  That didn’t happen but Terrence still doesn’t like seeing Danielle around Terrence.  They end up leaving the party and Terrence tells Danielle that she’s being thirsty for Ryan right in his face.

Danielle ends up smacking Terrence in the face after he makes another rude comment involving Terrence.  We don’t think this couple is going to last.  Do you think should stay together? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.


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