Kevin Hart – Cheating?

Was Kevin Hart caught cheating on his wife, Eniko Parrish? The video at the end of this article shows him in a car with a mystery woman.  The pictures in the video were taken at 5 AM while Kevin was in Miami, Florida.  Hart and the mystery woman were in a Lexus for nearly 30 minutes.  Sadly, this isn’t hard to believe.


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Rumors suggest that Kevin cheated on his ex-wife with Eniko.  If that’s true, this is karma.  He quickly became the world’s highest paid comedian and he might be letting his fame get to his head.  The great thing about Kevin is that if it’s true, we’ll eventually hear about it.  He’s one of the most honest comedians in the world.

Kevin Hart Cheating?
Kevin Hart Cheating?

In the photos, Kevin appears to climb over to the passenger side of the vehicle with the mystery woman.  Kevin is friends with Jay Z and he may need to call the rapper for advice on how to handle this Lemonade.

The following tweet explains that Eniko will most likely stick around.  Kevin is filthy rich and they have a baby on the way.  Today’s entertainers don’t understand how to be faithful.


Do you think Kevin Hart cheated on his pregnant wife? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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