Darryl From Power – Justin Keyes

Justin Keyes plays Darryl on Power.  Angela (Lela Loren) sends him a text message at the end of episode 4 of season 4, “We’re In This Together.” Angela has finally realized that she made an awful mistake.  She has Darryl pull the video surveillance from Ghost’s office at Truth nightclub.  “Jamie” has been telling her that he didn’t kill Greg Knox and the video footage will help prove it.


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Agent Mike Sandoval (David Fumero) planted the gun in James’ office to frame him for the murder.  Mike killed Agent Knox in season 3 of the series.  The murder of Agent Knox has changed everything on Power.  Ghost and Tommy are no longer running the streets and the hold they’re digging keeps getting deeper.

Darryl From Power Justin Keyes
Darryl From Power Justin Keyes

Ghost and Tommy’s lawyer, Joe Proctor aka Turtle from Entourage just got called out for his conflict of interest.  He isn’t allowed to represent Ghost because he worked as Tommy’s lawyer in a previous case.  Tommy made sure that Joe wouldn’t be able to throw him under the bus by committing a brutal murder in front of him.  Turtle is in too deep!

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