Omari Hardwick – Son Died

Omari Hardwick’s son died around the same time his father was shot six times.  As Ghost on Power, Hardwick can’t get anything right in his love life.  In reality, him and his wife, Jennifer Pfautch, have a great relationship.  She has helped him through numerous tragedies.  About 2 years before Hardwick’s son passed, his brother was shot 10 times.


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Amazingly, Omari’s father survived being shot six times.  A miracle similar to 50 Cent’s survival in real life and on Power.  In 2000, 50 Cent was shot 9 times.  On the finale episode of Power‘s second season, Ghost left 50’s character, Kanan to die but he survived.  Omari and 50 have been through it all, explaining why 50 chose him to play Ghost (James St. Patrick).

Omari Hardwick Son Died
Omari Hardwick Son Died

Omari’s son on Power, Tariq St. Patrick is played by Michael Rainey Jr.  Kanan has control of his mind.  Tariq is convinced that his dad is a horrible person and can’t forgive him for leaving their family.  “Jamie” left his family for his childhood girlfriend, Angela Valdes.  She thinks he murdered her ex-boyfriend, Greg Knox but James wouldn’t murder a Fed.

In one of the saddest scenes ever, James asks Tommy to take care of his family.  Ghost is starting to lose hope but his luck is about to change!

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