Rob Kardashian Rap – Diss Track

Rob Kardashian is being dragged by the hip hop community.  Scroll down to listen to Troy Ave’s new song which he titled “Rob Kardashian.” Rob got played by Blac Chyna and the world is letting him know about it.  Chyna and Rarri True are on a mission to destroy Rob and it’s working.  Snoop Dogg, T.I. and Troy Ave have all shared their thoughts about the situation.


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Troy Ave’s new track is about avoiding being played by women like Blac Chyna.  Everyone saw Chyna’s plan except Rob.  I can’t wait to hear what Kim Kardashian will have to say about this.  She has solid connections throughout the entertainment industry and could ruin Blac Chyna’s reputation.  Kim most likely won’t do anything because of Dream Kardashian.

Rob Kardashian Rap Diss Track
Rob Kardashian Rap Diss Track

What will Blac Chyna’s next move be? She now has two kids and she’s done with her second baby father.  Rob has exposed her so it will be difficult for her to find a new man.  Who would trust anything she says?

Check out Troy Ave’s new track “Rob Kardashian”:

Rob is now receiving all the attention for all the wrong reasons.  It worked for Kim but I’m not sure what this incident will do for Rob’s celebrity.

What do you think about Troy Ave’s Rob Kardashian diss track? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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