DeJanel Carter – Ferraritrue Real Name

Ferraritrue’s real name is DeJanel Carter (aka Rarri True aka D.J.).  He’s a rapper and former basketball player.  His relationship with Blac Chyna is breaking the Internet.  Rob Kardashian put Chyna on blast for cheating on him and D.J.’s the person she slept with.  Rob called T.I. out for having a threesome with Chyna and his wife, Tiny.


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I’m hoping Rob doesn’t go to jail for posting those pics of Chyna.  He was in love with Chyna and now he’s hurt.  That’s no excuse for his action but she is putting him through the most.  Chyna posted a video that showed her and kissing another man.  The other man wasn’t Rarri.  I initially thought this was a publicity stunt but Rob’s emotions are real.

DeJanel Carter Ferraritrue Real Name
DeJanel Carter Ferraritrue Real Name
Carter is a former basketball player.  The Chicago native went to Miles College where he played point guard.  He was born on August 24, 1993 and was a Computer Science major.  Here’s a picture of him and his adorable son:


It will be interesting to see what Amber Rose has to say about this situation.  Amber and Chyna are close friends but Chyna is wrong.  I hope Amber calls her out for hurting Rob’s heart.
What do you think about DeJanel Carter aka Ferraritrue? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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