Is Kid Rock Dead? – Hoax

The rumor that Kid Rock is dead is false.  The talented musician is currently on tour.  The fake news never ends on the Internet.  Someone with too much time on their hands decided to write a false article regarding his death.  Rock is 46 but he’s still working hard.  I want Rick Rubin to produce his next album.


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The fake news article claims that police were called to Rock’s house for a noise complaint.  When police arrived, the article explains that they saw smoke pouring from the house.  The fire department was called and Kid Rock was found dead…FALSE.

Is Kid Rock Dead?

Kid Rock is a very nice person.  He’s one of the few celebrities who does good deeds and doesn’t want recognition.  The Kid Rock Foundation raises funds for charities that help disadvantaged kids, victims of natural disasters and people suffering from illness.  He’s currently worth $80 million and he loves giving money away!

Rock was born Robert Ritchie on January 17, 1971.  His father was a car dealer who owned multiple dealerships.  It’s easy to see where he gets his work ethic.  He grew up in Romeo, Michigan but would hang out in Detroit where he fell in love with rap music.

What do you think about Kid Rock? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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