Jeremy Meeks Wife, Chloe Green

Jeremy Meeks wife, Melissa, wasn’t happy to see him kissing Chloe Green.  Jeremy and his wife, Melissa, make a great couple but it looks like their relationship is over.  They’re still married but Jeremy doesn’t care.  Scroll down to see a picture of him kissing Sir Philip Green’s daughter, Chloe Green.


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You should have known not to trust Prison Bae.  Jeremy is letting fame get to his head.  Melissa is a nurse and she helped Jeremy change his life.  Chloe’s family is filthy rich so once she gets tired of Jeremy she won’t hesitate to get rid of him.  Chloe’s father owns Topshop and he used to own the BHS department store.

Jeremy Meeks Wife Melissa
Jeremy Meeks Wife Melissa

The image above shows Jeremy and Melissa.  The pic below shows Jeremy and Chloe.

Jeremy Meeks Chloe Green
Jeremy Meeks Chloe Green
Jeremy is a convicted felon who dropped out of high school.  He has numerous tattoos, showing off his gang affiliation so Chloe’s family will most likely feel threatened.  Jeremy and Melissa have an adorable son together.  Slow down #PrisonBae you’re moving too fast.  Melissa was there for you before the fame.  You’re chasing Chloe’s pockets and you need to stop.

What do you think about Jeremy Meeks’ wife, Melissa? Do you think Jeremy and Chloe Green make a good couple? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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