Lil Kim – Chanel Bang, Hair

Lil Kim’s Chanel bang gave me life in the 90s.  Kim’s hair is always on point but her blue Chanel wig was on another level.  The rapper, whose real name is Kimberly Denise Jones might be going back to jail.  She’s being investigated for a robbery that took place at a BET party house.  Her crew reportedly robbed a woman at the house.


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Kim rented the house but when she went to check it out she changed her mind.  She asked for her money back but the property manager refused.  Lil Kim and the property manager started arguing and the police were called.  The cops left and Kim didn’t get her money.  Kim’s crew returned to the property at 4 AM and they got her deposit check back.

Lil Kim Chanel Bang Hair
Lil Kim Chanel Bang Hair
News outlets report that Kim’s crew vandalized the property manager’s car and stole a hubcap.  I’m hoping Kim will be able to avoid jail time.
Lil Kim and Havoc were added to the 2017 BET Awards to honor Prodigy.  Kim teamed up with Mobb Deep on the “Quiet Storm” remix.  The song is a hip hop classic.  Lil Kim and Mobb Deep paved the way for today’s most popular rappers.  Without their hard work, rappers wouldn’t be taken serious.  
Kim was one of the few female emcees who was able to maintain a successful career.  Mobb Deep created the blueprint for hip hop groups.
What do you think about Lil Kim’s Chanel bang? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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