How Does Snapchat Know You’re Sleeping?

Your Snapchat Bitmoji knows you’re sleeping when you’ve left the app idle for at least an hour.  Snapchat’s new map feature is scaring users.  I would suggest using Ghost Mode.  I saw some of my friends Bitmojis sleeping on Snap Map and lost it.  Snapchat is creative but the company has to remember the importance of privacy.


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Snap Map allows users to stalk their friends real time.  When I decided to start using Snapchat I thought my posts would disappear.  That made me fall in love with the app.  I now know that posts don’t actually disappear and Snapchat doesn’t seem to care.  The app is slowly but surely exposing our private information.

How Does Snapchat Know You're Sleeping?
How Does Snapchat Know You’re Sleeping?
The following tweet explains that Snapchat knows when you’re sleeping, it knows when you’re awake and it knows when you’re in your car.  It warns users not to cheat on their significant others.


The divorce rate may decrease now that Snap Map is here.  The social media network is scaring dishonest users.  The mobile phone is a tracking device and Snapchat is enhancing its tracking power.
What do you think about Snapchat’s new map feature? Did your sleeping Bitmoji scare you? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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