Jay Z Prodigy – Mobb Deep Dance Picture

Albert Johnson aka Prodigy of Mobb Deep sadly died on Tuesday, June 20, 2017.  He was born with sickle cell and was hospitalized after a recent performance.  Hip hop heads who grew up in the 90s remember Prodigy’s beef with Jay-Z.  Prodigy’s dance picture helped Jay-Z take his career to the next level.


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In 2001, Jay-Z performed at Hot 97’s Summer Jam.  The concert took place in Long Island at the Nassau Coliseum.  Destiny’s Child performed before Jay-Z along with some of the most popular rappers in the world, including Jadakiss and Outkast.  Jay-Z even brought Michael Jackson on the stage.

Jay Z Prodigy Mobb Deep Dance Picture
Jay Z Prodigy Mobb Deep Dance Picture

Jay-Z called out Nas and Mobb Deep in “Takeover.” In the song he says, “You was a ballerina, I got your pictures, I seen ya.” Old pictures of Prodigy then appeared on the JumboTron.  The pics were from Prodigy’s old dance classes.  Prodigy thought it was funny but his friends wanted to hurt Jay-Z.  The rappers later squashed the beef.

Prodigy saw Jay-Z at a club where Jay-Z explained that it’s only hip hop, not true beef.  Prodigy agreed.  They shook hands and the beef was over.


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