Karen Huger – New House (Picture)

Karen Huger’s new house is shown in the pictures below.  She couldn’t find the house she wanted in Potomac, MD so her and her husband, Raymond Huger, moved to Great Falls, VA.  In episode 11 of The Real Housewives of Potomac‘s second season, “The Grand Dame Sham” we see Karen get called out for leaving Potomac.


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Robyn Dixon isn’t sure why Karen is being so secretive.  I don’t think Karen wants to lose her role on the reality series yet her and Raymond could be trying to save money.

Karen Huger New House
Karen Huger New House
Unlike Karen, Raymond doesn’t mind leaving Potomac.  He suggested that they move to Washington, D.C. but Karen wasn’t feeling that.
Karen Huger New House
Karen Huger New House

The Real Housewives of Atlanta is nine seasons strong and fans continue to tune in.  Karen knows that #RHOP is only in its second season and she doesn’t want to lose her spot on the show.

Karen Huger New House Interior
Karen Huger New House Interior
It may sound petty but if you don’t live in Potomac how do you expect to be on the series.  Charrisse reveals that Karen’s Potomac house was a foreclosure and the ladies lost it.  They couldn’t believe Karen was being so secretive about the situation.  Huger brags about being married to the black Bill Gates but the couple may not be as rich as they appear.

What do you think about Karen Huger’s new house? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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