Is The Big Show Dead? Get Shot?

The rumor that The Big Show is dead is false.  He did not get shot.  False news continues to break the Internet.  A website posted that the wrestler was shot by WWE employees after a kid entered the steel cage.  The Onion is the satirical website that started the rumor.  The talented wrestler recently lost more than 70 pounds and he looks great.


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The Big Show was born Paul Wight II on February 8, 1972.  He made a name for himself as The Giant back in his WCW days.  All he does is win, win, win no matter what!  He is a seven time world champion.  He grew up in South Carolina where he worked several odds jobs.  The Big Show was a bouncer and he worked for a karaoke company.

Is The Big Show Dead? Get Shot?
Is The Big Show Dead? Get Shot?

The Big Show’s life changed when he met Hulk Hogan.  The WCW hosted a basketball game and Big Show engaged the crowd on his microphone.  Hulk loved how Big Show worked the crowd and told Eric Bischoff about him.  Bischoff was the WCW’s Vice President at the time and he gave Big Show an opportunity to meet Ric Flair.

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