LeBron James Wearing Kobes – Guillermo

The picture below shows LeBron James wearing Kobe’s Mango 11 lows.  Scroll to the end of this article to see Guillermo vs LeBron James at the 2017 NBA Media Day.  LeBron and the Cleveland Cavaliers are attempting to win their second NBA Championship but it won’t be easy.  The Golden State Warriors don’t miss many shots.


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LeBron may have to pull a Kobe if he wants to bring a second championship to Cleveland.  James is a pass-first player.  Many have tried to compare him to Michael Jordan but he’s more like Magic Johnson.  Kobe’s career is the closest thing NBA fans will get to Michael Jordan.  Kobe’s relentless scoring is what the Cavaliers need to win this series.

LeBron James Wearing Kobes Guillermo
LeBron James Wearing Kobes Guillermo

The first quarter of game 3 started out well but then LeBron went to the bench.  As soon as James sat down the Warriors went on a run.  Cleveland will need to improve their bench to compete with the Warriors.  The Warriors have talented bench players like David West and Shaun Livingston.

While Richard Jefferson is great, he can be inconsistent at times.  Deron Williams isn’t what he once was and Iman Shumpert continues to struggle.

What do you think about LeBron James wearing Kobe’s Nike 11 lows in the Mango colorway? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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