Music Mafia – Kanye West Leak Hold Tight, Euro

“Euro (Switch Hands)” and “Hold Tight” leaked on Music Mafia.  Migos is not signed to GOOD Music but the groups collaboration with Kanye West, “Hold Tight” just leaked.  The track also features Young Thug.  It seems like a publicity stunt if you ask me.  Mr. West is a veteran.  He knows what he has to do to protect his music.


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I think Kanye West was unsure about the new tracks and staged a leak to see how his fans would react.  Music Mafia’s website claims to have access to another Kanye West track: “Can U Be” but you have to pay for the site to release it.  I like “Hold Tight” but I’m not feeling “Euro (Switch Hands).” ASAP Rocky is featured on “Euro (Switch Hands).”

Music Mafia Kanye West Leak Hold Tight Euro
Music Mafia Kanye West Leak Hold Tight Euro

Kanye and Young Thug’s relationship continues to evolve.  Young Thug also appeared on “Highlights” from The Life of Pablo.  Speaking of TLOP, the album was a masterpiece but it wasn’t celebrated like Drake’s More Life or Kendrick’s DAMN.  Kanye doesn’t focus on creating new music like he used to.

Kanye has been keeping himself busy as he continues to try to change the fashion industry.  I still love his music but it’s easy to see that it’s no longer his first priority.

What do you think about Music Mafia leaking Kanye West’s new music? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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