#covfefe Memes – Top 5 Funniest

The top 5 funniest #covfefe memes are provided in this article.  President Donald Trump broke the Internet once again.  Memorial Day weekend brought us unforgettable Tiger Woods memes.  One day later, Kathy Griffin does a photoshoot beheading President Donald Trump.  The president responded with a tweet that included the word “covfefe” and broke the Internet.


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Covfefe saved Tiger Woods and Kathy Griffin.  Who cares if you drive drunk or behead the president? The real crime is becoming president when you don’t know how to spell.  Communication is the key to success and the President of the United States of America can’t spell.  Twitter users are begging his staff to take his phone.  Why does he continue to expose himself on the social network?

The following meme proves that your perfect dish isn’t perfect without #covfefe:

#covfefe Memes
#covfefe Memes

There’s no shame in Donald Trump’s game.  Social media was once used by millennials and younger but the president refuses to be left out.

Pure comedy:

#covfefe Memes
#covfefe Memes

Love him or hate him: Donald Trump has officially made memes great again.  I have rediscovered how great Twitter is thanks to hilarious Donald Trump memes.

#covfefe Memes
#covfefe Memes

Cookie Lyon has shared her two cents:

#covfefe Memes
#covfefe Memes

The following meme is the grand champ:

#covfefe Memes
#covfefe Memes

What do you think about #covfefe? Which meme is your favorite? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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