Toni Braxton And Birdman – Top 3 Most Adorable Moments

Toni Braxton discusses her relationship with Brian Williams aka “Birdman” on a recent episode of Braxton Family Values.  Braxton explains that she’s dealing with anxiety because she’s scared to be happy.  I have been there.  You get to a point where you’ve been through so many horrible relationship and you get scared when you finally find Mr. or Ms. Right.


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Braxton explains that her work has been the only thing that brings her happiness.  She says she feels great when she’s performing.  Scroll to the video at the end of this article to see her discuss her relationship with Birdman.  The couple has been dating for years and they’re finally opening up about their relationship.  Check out 3 of their most adorable moments:

3. When he’s her shoulder to lean on:

Toni Braxton And Birdman
Toni Braxton And Birdman

2. When she’s following his lead:

Toni Braxton And Birdman
Toni Braxton And Birdman

1. When he spends quality time with his future mother-in-law:

Toni Braxton And Birdman
Toni Braxton And Birdman

Birdman doesn’t seem like the relationship type.  Like Braxton, the Cash Money founder and CEO has been putting in hard work for decades.  Toni explains that she never made time for a romantic relationship.  Toni turns 50-years-old on October 7, 2017 and Birdman turned 48 on February 15, 2017.  It’s about time the pair start enjoying the fruits of their labor.

What do you think about Toni Braxton and Birdman’s relationship? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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