Salman Abedi – Ariana Grande Bomber

Salman Abedi – Ariana Grande Bomber

After the deadly
explosion yesterday at the Manchester concert for Ariana Grande, the
bomber has been named. According to the latest reports, the suicide
bomber was identified as Salman Abedi. This suicide bomber killed 22
people, including an eight-year-old girl, and injured many more. As
many as 100 people or more were injured at the Ariana Grande concert
in Manchester, UK.

Reports stated
that the terrorism level was raised in Britain from severe to
critical because of this happening. According to this report, some of
the people could have even been killed by the stampede of people
fleeing the arena after they heard the loud explosion. Some of them
could have been stampeded to death by others who were trying to get
away as fast as they could.
It is sad that we
live in a world that this has happened. People can’t even go to a
concert and enjoy themselves these days because of terrorism threats.
Not only has the
suicide bomber been identified, but it was found out that although he
was living in Manchester, he was of Libyan descent. He had even
attended Salford University where he was studying business before he
dropped out early.
according to a friend of Abedi, he had returned to Libya three weeks
ago and just came back to Manchester three days ago. Abedi, who was
22-years-old, was described by friends as being “normal” and
having “nothing wrong with him” such as being violent.
Investigators in Manchester are trying to determine whether or not he
was working alone or was a part of a terror group.
Many of the
victims of the terrorist explosion were actually young teenagers and
children who were just trying to enjoy the Ariana Grande concert.
Some of the first victims included eight-year-old Saffie Rose Roussos
from Leyland and a teenager named Georgina Callander from a nearby
city, Chorley. The British Prime Minister named the suicide bomber an
“appalling sickening cowardice.”
What do you think
about this tragedy? Sound off with your thoughts on this and let us
know what you think!

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