What Happened to Ariana Grande? Manchester Explosion

After an explosion
was heard at the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, UK, officials
have reported that so far, at least 20 people have been killed and
hundreds were injured. Reports state that although Ariana Grande is
alright, and although at least 20 people have been killed because of
the explosion that occurred, more fatalities could be reported later
after more information is released. They are further investigating
the explosion.
According to many
US officials, a single explosion took place on the Southwest side,
which is opposite of the transit station in Manchester, Victoria, UK.
This is part of the greater arena complex. The single explosion
didn’t happen until concertgoers were leaving the concert. They say
that some of the casualties could have happened as the concertgoers
were fleeing the concert, trying to get away from the explosion. Some
of the people could have been stampeded to death as the people were
trying to flee the concert.
Officials from the
US and Britain are investigating the explosion further to determine
what happened. Although currently officials do know 20 people have
been killed and many more have been injured, this information is
subject to change once they know more about what caused it.

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