Richard Wilbur Collins III, Sean Christopher Urbanski – UMD Stabbing

Richard Wilbur Collins III is the 23-year-old who was stabbed and killed by Sean Christopher Urbanski.  The incident occurred at the University of Maryland in College Park, MD.  Richard was waiting for an Uber at a bus stop across the street from Target on Baltimore Ave.  Urbanski is from Severna Park, MD.


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Sean Urbanski is being held without bond

Sean Urbanski graduated from Severna Park High School in 2012.  The stabbing was unprovoked and investigators are saying it could have been a hate crime.  Sean is currently being held without bond.  Richard and two of his friends were waiting for an Uber when Sean told him to “Step left if you know what’s good for you.”

Richard Wilbur Collins III Sean Christopher Urbanski UMD Stabbing
Richard Wilbur Collins III Sean Christopher Urbanski UMD Stabbing
Witnesses say that Richard gave Sean a confused look before he said “No.” Sean then stabbed Richard in his chest.  Sean is 22-years-old and is charged with first and second degree murder along with first degree assault.  
The FBI has been called in to help determine whether race was a motivator in the murder of Richard Collins.  The investigation centers around a racially charged Facebook group called Alt-Reich: Nation.
What do you think about Sean Christopher Urbanski stabbing Richard Wilbur Collins III? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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