Milla Clark – My 600 lb Life, Charity

Milla Clark and Charity were seen on episode 34 of My 600 lb Life‘s fifth season.  The episode documented Milla’s second year and the third year of Charity’s journey.  Charity weighed more than 770 pounds before weight-loss surgery.  Her daughter, Charly, was scared that her mother would die.  Dr. Nowzaradan sent Charity to the hospital.


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As Charity lost weight Charly started to gain

One year after Charity started her journey, she lost 282 pounds.  She had multiple skin removal surgeries.  The surgeries made her vulnerable to an infection so she had to remain in the hospital.  Charly explained that food was the only thing that made her feel better.  Charity has lost over 400 pounds since the beginning of her journey.  Charity is looking forward to her final skin removal surgery.

Milla Clark My 600 lb Life Charity
Milla Clark My 600 lb Life Charity

Milla’s Journey

We see Milla on her way to Dr. Nowzaradan.  She explains that she hasn’t been in a pool for over 15 years.  Her family is with her to help her walk.  Milla does a wonderful job walking in the pool.  She walked for the first time in 3 years.  Milla has been working hard on her pool aerobics and visits Dr. Nowzaradan to see if she can be approved for her weight-loss surgery.
Milla Clark My 600 lb Life, Charity
Milla Clark My 600 lb Life Charity
Dr. Now wants her to stand on a scale by herself.  It was difficult but she stood up to weigh herself.  Dr. Now approves Milla for surgery and she’s very excited.  Milla would have been approved last year but the death of her husband, Elroy, left her devastated.

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