My 600 lb Life – Kirsten Perez

Kirsten Perez was seen on a recent episode of My 600 lb Life.  She’s 38-years-old and weighs 612 pounds.  Perez lives in Longview, Washington and can’t get out of bed.  She says she feels like a prisoner in her own body.  She can’t stand for long periods of time so she’s taking less showers.  Her mother thinks that her body will eventually give out on her.


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Kirsten is one of the saddest episodes of My 600 lb Life.  As a child, she was normal on the outside but on the inside, she felt unwanted.  She has a younger brother that was smarter than her.  She says he never got in trouble and her parents liked him better than her.  Kirsten says her father is critical of everything and she was never able to make him happy.

My 600 lb Life Kirsten
My 600 lb Life Kirsten

Kirsten’s father, Kurt, explains that he was the strict parent.  He says that he would always voice his opinion and Kirsten didn’t like that.

My 600 lb Life Kirsten Young
My 600 lb Life Kirsten Young
Kirsten claims that nothing she did, when she was younger, was good enough for her father.  To deal with her father’s rejection, Kirsten turned to food.

My 600 lb Life Kirsten
My 600 lb Life Kirsten Perez

Kirsten’s mother explains that Kirsten was 14 when she started gaining weight.  She also started doing drugs, including marijuana, acid and meth.  Her family didn’t know how to deal with her addictions.  When she was 17, she moved out.  She started living with drug dealers and had a baby.  She doesn’t know the identity of her daughter’s father.  Her daughter, Lexie, is seen on the episode.

Kirsten’s son, Neiko, also makes an appearance on the episode.  Him and his sister were raised by Kirsten’s parents.  Neiko explains that he lived with his grandparents because of his mother’s drug addiction.  Kirsten explains that she decided to move in with her parents because the drug dealer she was living with got caught and he’s now in prison.

What did you think about Kirsten’s episode of My 600 lb Life.  Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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