Desmone Jerome: Birdman New Artist Killed

BTY YoungN aka Desmone Jerome was shot and killed in the 17th Ward of New Orleans, Louisiana’s Hollygrove neighborhood.  Bryan “Birdman” Williams signed BTY YoungN in 2016.  The image below shows the rapper with his newborn baby.  Lil Wayne fans are familiar with the 17th Ward.  He has mentioned the neighborhood in several songs.


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Birdman deletes Instagram pictures

Birdman has deleted all his Instagram pictures.  He now only has two photos up: One shows him in his red Bugatti and the other shows BTY YoungN.  The Rich Gang rapper was shot at a Shell gas station.  BTY YoungN has been seen at the same Shell gas station on several occasions.  He has used Instagram to post pictures at the gas station.  This could explain why Birdman deleted all his Instagram pics.

Desmone Jerome Birdman New Artist Killed
Desmone Jerome Birdman New Artist Killed

BTY YoungN survived a shooting when he was 16

This wasn’t the first time the rapper has been shot.  When he was 16-years-old, BTY YoungN was shot but luckily he survived.  He had a history of legal issues and he spent time in prison.  The Rich Gang contract represented a new beginning.  Desmone was finally turning his life around but sadly, someone killed him.

What do you think about the death of Birdman’s new artist, Desmone Jerome aka BTY YoungN? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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