Lourdes, Reginae Carter – Jumped? Fight

Reginae Carter and Lourdes Rodriguez were involved in a fight at Clark Atlanta University.  Despite the rumors, Reginae and Lourdes did not get jumped.  Reginae and Lourdes were both members of The OMG Girlz.  The ladies were leaving an event when some drunk girls approached them.  One of the girls pulled Lourdes’ sweater.


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Earlier that day, Reginae’s mother, Toya Wright, shared a pic on Instagram showing her and Reginae touring Clark Atlanta University.  Lil Wayne won’t want his baby girl to attend Clark after the incident.  Scroll to the Twitter video to see Reginae and Lourdes’ fight.

Lourdes Reginae Carter Jumped Fight
Lourdes Reginae Carter Jumped Fight

While Reginae isn’t being bullied, she should really think about what happened.  She’s the daughter of an entertainer, making her a target.  Clark probably isn’t the right school for her.  Reginae should go to a smaller school that is less popular.  Reginae is too young to take the incident seriously and her parents won’t want to ruin her college experience by choosing a school for her.

Entertainers should take notes and start devising a plan.  Time flies.  Blue Ivy and North West will be visiting college before you know it.  What will Beyonce, Jay-Z, Kanye and Kim do?


What do you think about Lourdes and Reginae Carter’s fight? Did Reginae get jumped? Is she being bullied or targeted? What should Lil Wayne do? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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