Tinashe On Empire

Tinashe appeared on episode 14 of Empire‘s third season, “Love Is A Smoke.” Hakeem is in the studio with Tory (Rumer Willis) and Tiana (Serayah McNeill) when Jamal comes in with Tinashe.  Hakeem is currently in a relationship with Tiana but he couldn’t take his eyes off Tinashe.  Hakeem asks Jamal, “Who’s this caramel macchiato right here?” when he sees Tinashe.


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Tinashe is helping Jamal with his visual album

Hakeem asks Tinashe if she wants to have some drinks but she says no because she’s busy working with Jamal.  Tinashe explains that she’s helping Jamal with his visual album.  Jamal was planning to include Cookie and Angelo at the end of the album.  Angelo told Jamal that he was planning to propose to Cookie but they ended up breaking up moments after he tried to put a ring on it.

Tinashe On Empire
Tinashe On Empire

Hakeem explains that he’s down to do a duet and he tells them he’ll put Schoolboy Q on notice.  Hakeem is referring to Tinashe and Schoolboy Q’s 2014 song “2 On”:

We’re hoping Hakeem falls back.  I’m all about TAKEEM and I don’t want to see Tiana in another fight.  She had beef with Laura over Hakeem and she had an unforgettable cat fight with Nessa.
Tinashe On Empire
Tinashe On Empire
What did you think about Tinashe’s appearance on Empire? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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