Who Plays Charlotte Frost On Empire? Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria plays Charlotte Frost on season 3 of Empire.  In episode 14, “Love Is A Smoke”  Longoria’s character will play a major role in the future of Empire Entertainment.  Lucious and Giuliana (Nia Long) want to expand Empire’s reach to Las Vegas but Charlotte has the power to ruin their plans.  She’s the director of the state gaming commission.


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Charlotte and Andre

Rhonda Lyon spoiled Andre.  She was willing to do anything for him, including sleep with other men and allow him to sleep with other women.  Andre doesn’t understand that he’s no longer in an open relationship.  Rhonda is dead and Nessa is nothing like her.  Andre flirted with Giuliana, leading Nessa to warn him that she doesn’t tolerate cheating.

Who Plays Charlotte Frost On Empire? Eva Longoria
Who Plays Charlotte Frost On Empire? Eva Longoria

Andre is the oldest son of Lucious and Cookie Lyon, explaining why he doesn’t listen.  Lucious recently tried to fire Andre but the company’s board members blocked the move.  Andre will most likely get close to Charlotte to make Vegas work.  While he can’t be trusted, he’ll do anything to make sure Empire succeeds.

Charlotte Frost Eva Longoria
Charlotte Frost Eva Longoria

What do you think about Eva Longoria’s appearance on Empire? Will Charlotte Frost ruin Empire Entertainment’s Las Vegas plans? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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