Mimi And Melissa – Love And Hip Hop Atlanta

Mimi Faust and DJ Melissa Scott can no longer be friends.  In episode 8 of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta‘s sixth season, “In Due Time” we see Mimi visit Melissa at her house.  Mimi found out that Melissa has been supporting Joseline Hernandez.  Mimi hates Joseline and hates DJ Melissa’s relationship with Joseline.


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Melissa claims that her and Joseline only have a business relationship

Mimi takes her relationship with Melissa seriously.  Last season, we saw Faust break up with her significant other Chris.  She also had a horrible relationship with Nikko Smith that led to her infamous tape.  Mimi is still looking for love and she seems to really like Melissa.  Mimi will now have to move on since Melissa refuses to end her relationship with Joseline.

Mimi And Melissa Love And Hip Hop Atlanta
Mimi And Melissa Love And Hip Hop Atlanta

Melissa says that Joseline has changed

Joseline has major plans for her female empowerment video.  Melissa is excited to help her and tries to recruit Joseline’s former friends.  Jessica Dime gives Joseline another chance but Mimi isn’t willing to.  I don’t blame Mimi and understand how she feels.  Joseline has crossed the line one multiple occasions.  Joseline has lied to Mimi about serious situations.  Joseline lied about Stevie J having a secret child and she lied about Stevie molesting his daughter, Eva.
What do you think about Mimi and Melissa’s relationship? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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