Keving Gates 30 Months in Prison

The judges that rapper Kevin Gates have been receiving have not been playing at all! Kevin Gates just completed his first jail sentence for the incident at a concert and now he has just received a sentence for 30 months, or 2 and a half years.

In 2016 it was the video seen around the world when the rapper was seen kicking a female fan in the chest at his Florida concert. Gates did apologize and even explained in a song that the fan was trying to grab his private area. The explanation wasn’t enough so  he was sentenced to six months in jail. Literally the day that the “Islah” rapper was released, he was re-arrested for a felony gun charge dating back to a few years ago.

A warrant for the Baton Rouge native was sent out because Kevin failed to appear in court in 2013. So when Gates was released over a month ago it was the perfect time to bring him to Illinois in order to face the pending charges. Surprisingly, the 30 month sentence isn’t so bad at all considering that the sentence carries a 10 month maximum sentence. Neither Kevin’s reps or wife Dreka Gates have made a statement but hopefully Kevin comes out on the other side the way Gucci Mane did — a changed man who is back and better than ever.

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