Does Gayle King Have A Tattoo?

Does Gayle King have a tattoo? It sure did look like it during her April 25, 2017 interview with Serena Williams.  The interview took place at the TED Conference in Vancouver, Canada.  Serena opened up about her career and pending motherhood.  While Williams provided some interesting details, people couldn’t take their eyes off Gayle’s right arm.


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The image below shows a tribal tattoo on Gayle’s right arm.  This isn’t the first time we’ve seen King showing off a tattoo but this could be her first real tattoo.

Does Gayle King Have A Tattoo?
Does Gayle King Have A Tattoo?

In 2011, Gayle broke the Internet after interviewing rapper, 50 Cent.  Gayle and 50 adored each other.  Soon after the interview, Gayle showed off a fake 50 Cent tattoo.

Gayle King 50 Cent Tattoo
Gayle King 50 Cent Tattoo

While Gayle’s 50 Cent tattoo was clearly a joke, her new ink could be the real deal.


Gayle left viewers confused:


Serena explained that her pregnancy announcement was a mistake.  She accidentally posted the image on Snapchat.  Williams is looking forward to continuing her career as a tennis player.  She says she has no plans on retiring and can’t wait for her baby to cheer her on from the stands.


What do you think about Gayle’s new tattoo? Do you think it’s real? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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