What Did Joseline Do To Mimi?

What did Joseline Hernandez do to Mimi Faust? Joseline accused Stevie J of molesting Mimi and Stevie’s daughter, Eva.  In episode 8 of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta‘s sixth season, “In Due Time” Mimi cuts Melissa Scott off because Melissa refuses to end her friendship with Joseline.  Stevie visits Mimi and she makes it clear that she doesn’t wants Joseline around their daughter.


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“So Bonnie is your daughter?”

When Stevie gets to Mimi’s house he can’t believe how quiet it is.  He recently purchase a new home and he has some of his children living with him.  He starts naming his daughters and ends with “Bonnie Bella.” Mimi can’t believe it and calls Stevie out for having a baby with Joseline.  Mimi reminds Stevie how much she dislikes Joseline and tells Stevie that she doesn’t want Joseline around Eva.

What Did Joseline Do To Mimi?
What Did Joseline Do To Mimi?

“I don’t milly wop”

Mimi wants Stevie to know she’s serious.  She tells Stevie that she knows how he usually backslides and milly wops when handling drama but this is about Eva’s safety.  Stevie tells Mimi that he doesn’t milly wop.  He says that he understands her concerns and won’t let Joseline around Eva.  Mimi explains that she feels sorry for Bonnie because Joseline is a bad person.

What do you think about what Joseline did to Mimi? should Mimi get over it? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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