Elena Ahanzadeh – Basketball Wives

Elena Ahanzadeh – Basketball Wives

Although Elena Ahanzadeh from Basketball Wives LA is single now, she did previously date a few basketball players in the past. Apparently, she has a past with one of the other Basketball wives men, reports state. How has the reaction to this been so far?

Elena used to be a model and because of this has been the source of gossip for many years now. She has also been a VIP host at Red Hot Kittens and Black Planet. Most of her links to basketball players have been in the past and she hasn’t been seen with any players since 2013. However, she did land a gig on the reality show, Basketball Wives LA so that might just change. She is only 29-years-old so you never know what is going to happen with a hot, young woman hanging around a bunch of basketball players.

So, what has been happening on Basketball Wives LA recently? According to reports, Evelyn Lozada has returned to Basketball Wives LA but Tami Roman isn’t taking it very well and has not forgotten about what happened in Miami.

What do you think about Elena having a past with one of the Basketball Wives men? What do you think about Evelyn Lozada returning? Sound off with your thoughts on this and let us know what you think!

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