Jordan Ozuna Instagram — Tyga New Girlfriend

Tyga allegedly has a new boo and her name is Jordan Ozuna. Tyga was recently caught (look at the “uh-oh” expression on his face) leaving celebrity hotspot Sarafina’s after grabbing dinner with the model. There’s a lot to know about Ms. Ozuna but here are a few photos of her first.

A lot of people are comparing her to Kylie but she doesn’t really look like Kylie. Anyways, Tyga has found someone more his age. Jordan Ozuna is a 26-year-old model who has already been married and divorced to someone in the coast guard. Yes, she has lived quite a life already. She used to date Justin Bieber in 2014 when she was a Hooters waitress in Vegas. She was the chick who was caught hanging with him when they got banned for leaving a skydiving simulation place a mess. She has also worked as a bottle girl at a hotel and casino in Vegas before moving to LA.

Get this, Jordan Ozuna looks up to Kim Kardashian and she has modeled in one of Kanye West’s fashion shows in 2016. She also has lip injections just like Kylie. Ozuna was born in Maryland but grew up in Hawaii and Guam. You would probably right at guessing that she’s dating Tyga for the fame but it looks like she should kiss a Kardashian connection goodbye if they’re really more tha friends. Her Instagram is @jiordyn and her Tumblr is 

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