‘Empire’ Season 3 Quick Recap: “My Naked Villainy”

This one’s a bit late, but since Empire is a repeat this week, here’s a quick catchup for those who were busy during the spring holidays.

  • Lucious has some medical issues with his non-ALS condition and Anika tries to exploit it with some empty threats. Luckily, Lucifer Lyon has a gun by his side.
  • Andre continues to pursue ~Vegas~ and getting Empire a casino license in Sin City.
  • Jamal continues to work on his Cookie and Lucious album. Jamal releases a teaser for the album, and it causes waves for Cookie and Angelo’s relationship. She wants another teaser to show that Cookie and Lucious’ relationship eventually soured, but Jamal says no.
  • Anika wants Cookie to look after Bella if something happens to her.
  • Cookie/Lucious shippers in the show coin the term “Cucious,” which sounds SO dirty. Cookie agrees: “It sounds like a damn STD.”
  • Jamal tries to let D-Major down easy again.
  • Kennedy, fron Hakeem’s 21st birthday, faces off with Thirsty and her own attorney. Hakeem doesn’t speak up for her. “What is victim-blaming?” Hakeem asks and learns a lesson about his own behavior from Cookie and Jamal.
  • Hakeem then records a rap that supports women and pays tribute to his daughter. Aww.
  • Andre brings the Empire board to Lucious’ sick bed and pitches his idea about ~Vegas~ residencies. Lucious hates the idea and fires Andre, but no one else supports the idea, because they like his ideas. Also, Andre name drops The Weeknd and then The Weeknd’s “I Feel It Coming” plays in the next scene!
  • Lucious crashes Angelo’s election party. Angelo wins…the Democratic primary. Which means there’s more election to come.
  • Lucious plays a song at the party and Cookie flashes back to romantic memories with him. Then Guiliana approaches him and lets the audience know they were once romantically involved. Whoa!

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